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The Remarkable Story of Lakota and The Zeakie Dog

A memoir by Margo Bowblis
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       If someone had told me ten years ago what was going to happen to me and my two dogs, I would have had a very hard time believing them. And yet, I am asking you to do just that, because it is the truth. And if you take this journey with me, you may be almost as surprised by some of its twists and turns as I was. And even saying that, nothing in my life has ever prepared me—or you, for that matter—for what occurred when The Zeakie Dog passed from this life into the next, and afterwards.
        And if you don’t believe me and you aren’t open to such occurrences, you can still enjoy the book as a great story. But don’t be surprised if five or ten years from now you lose someone or something you love, and the impossible becomes plausible. You may be awakened to this by a scent, a feeling of the “essence” of someone or something, or something you “think” you see. When and if that happens, I hope you will remember this book, and smile.
        Shortly after the story begins, I am in the process of getting my black, Labrador Retriever puppy, Lakota. At this point in time, I do not want a second dog. Lakota, keeps me busy enough, and he has plenty of dog friends. But what does one do when someone else’s puppy makes it very clear from the moment you first meet that you are who he wants to be with? …and when love at first sight works both ways? ...and when even fate brings the two of you together? …and when the bond that grows between you is so great that even death cannot separate you?
        This is a love story like no other you have ever read. It will take you into the world of therapy dogs—how they are trained and the special gifts they possess that make their work so important to the people they serve. You will enter the life of dog owners in a rural setting, enjoy some of their good times, and watch the spiritual connection grow between this very special dog and this lucky owner.
        And then you will meet an everyday hero—a dedicated, brilliant, veterinary oncologist who wages war with a deadly cancer that could end the life of my four year old dog in as little as two weeks. With all the odds against her she must do battle with this disease, trying to extend Zeakie’s very short life, while facing her own challenges, and even interference from Mother Nature! And she does it all while giving a beautiful, quality life to this young dog who has brought joy to so many people.
        A few months after I lost my dog, Zeak—who became known as The Zeakie Dog—I realized that I needed to record everything that had occurred, and was continuing to, because I was afraid I might forget some of the details, and I couldn’t bear to lose any of it. I pieced together the story from a journal I had kept. At some point during this process, a very wise, knowledgeable person told me that this had all happened for a reason.
        I believe that reason was for this story to be told, so people will begin to open the door—even if only a crack—on the understanding that animals are spiritual beings, just as we are, deserving our love, protection, and respect. If this memoir will improve the lives of animals in some way, then my fondest wish in writing it will be realized.

                                                                                            Margo Bowblis

The Zeakie Dog and Lakota.




A heart-wrenching debut memoir exploring the boundaries of love and the effects of loss... Margo met her friend Brian's puppy, Zeak, and felt a profoundly close connection to him... When... he needed to find a home for Zeak, Margo adopted him... The dogs bonded... and Zeakie Dog joined Margo and Lakota on patient visits... until... Margo discovered what appeared to be “huge, golf ball size lumps all over [Zeakie's] face.”... Margo writes with deep conviction about her commitment to Zeakie, their desperate journey and her tireless research into every... resource available... as she and Zeakie began a desperate race against time... eventually bringing their connection to a higher spiritual level.  A touching testimonial for animal lovers who've experienced deep connections with their pets.” *

          Kirkus Reviews

“This beautiful memoir confirmed what I have always known in my heart; that our spiritual bond with our pets cannot be broken… EVER! They will always be with us, comforting us, guiding us, and eventually meeting us in a better place. Having experienced similar spiritual events with my pets, I feel that animals are more sensitive, kind, and loving than humans can ever hope to be. An experience like this can happen to anyone if their eyes and heart are open.”

        —Sandy S., teacher, Pilates instructor, animal lover

“I loved this book. It is a wonderful story of love, hope, heartbreak and faith—a page-turner from beginning to end. Each chapter is filled with humor, surprises, and poignant dialogue. I was totally engaged throughout the book and gained insight into the life of dogs and the people they profoundly affect. As a cancer survivor I could relate to all the hardships, stress, and suffering chronicled here. However despite this, the book is uplifting and it will make you believe and realize that the power of love lives on.”
        —Mary-Ellen Marmo, Educator and Director of the Memteach Tutoring Agency

“Once in a while a book comes along that is a bittersweet miracle. Margo Bowblis’ debut memoir is a treasure, an opportunity to share her wisdom and experience gained through the unforgettable journey and inspiring story of the life and death of Zeak, a very special dog.”
        —Doreen Corsetto, retired Library Media Specialist & District Supervisor,
        currently adjunct professor at William  Paterson University

“Here is a thought-provoking story for anyone who loves animals.  Whether or not you are a believer is irrelevant—you will be caught up in the “tails” that unfold.  This wonderful book will bring smiles and tears to all readers of all ages who open their hearts and minds.” 
        —Nancy Bosch, School Library Media Specialist



The author’s gifts for sharing insights into how dogs think and feel are truly amazing. In this extraordinary memoir, I traveled with Zeak as he and his dog friends romped joyfully though the woods and around the lake until that fateful visit with the vet. Anyone who has experienced love and loss, whether pet or human, will treasure the compassion and encouragement of this incredible journey with Margo, Zeak, and Lokota.
        —Mary S. Yoga Teacher


This is an unforgettable journey of hope; one that says a great deal about who we are and who we can be. The interaction between Margo Bowblis and her dog, Zeak, at various times challenging, funny, touching and deeply spiritual, allows us a glimpse into the kind of relationship we may all have with our pets, should we be open to it. If you’ve ever had a dog, loved a dog, or even seen a dog, once having read this beautiful and touching memoir, I guarantee you, you’ll never see them the same way again.
       —James Kelly School administrator and author


I don’t usually like memoirs, but I read this book and it changed my whole perspective. This book made me appreciate my dogs life more. We all know that dogs don’t live as long as humans. When I read this book it made me understand that when it is my dogs time to go, its better for them. I believe that when dogs pass they watch over us and protect us.
This book takes you on a trip through Margo’s life with The Zeakie dog and Lakota. She brings you on the amazing journey of when Zeak gets lymphoma. She tells about all the obstacles about having a dog with cancer. She also uses amazing detail in her book. When she was sad I was sad. That’s how descriptive she is. She also puts amazing pictures and pencil drawings in her book. She also adds very humorous parts in her book. The book switches from the present to when she had zeakie.
All in all this was a very great book I loved it and will save it for when it is time for my dog to leave this world.
       —Anthony A. 6th grade student


I have never read a more touching piece about the connection and love between a human and an animal family member, such as “Walking with the Shadow of Love”! The book is beautiful and I loved the way you interspersed chapters of present care and concern with italicized sections looking back on the amazing and sorrowful, but in many ways uplifting spiritual remembrances.


You are quite the artist and I loved all your renderings of The Zeakie Dog and Lakota and others as well. There are not many that might have striven to find ways to keep your lovely friend continuing to the end, and I must admit your wish to not prolong any pain or suffering for your Zeakie Dog is very evident. To me the book is a masterpiece that many “pet” owners should read and take to heart! There is certainly a strong connection between living entities, but may also extend into the beyond, mostly beyond our ability to understand.
You should be very proud of your creation, your book, like a tribute to a love that must be stated and related so others might know of such things.


This is a great, well written book. Very interesting. Will hold your interest. I highly recommend it.Read it and pass the word on.
       —Carol T.


The author of this book offers a heartfelt story of the journey she had with a wonderful dog who although left this world far to soon continues to shine his spirit bright and walk beside his friends. It captures the life, love and friendship of not only a woman and her beloved dog but also her human friends and other animal friends as well. It explores the spiritual side of our relationships with our pets that few books venture into … If you have ever lost a pet and wondered does their spirit live on read this book Please … The story line is true to life and filled with humor,love,sadness,friendship, hope,and faith . This is a meaningful , wonderful book. The illustrations in this book are lovely and add a extra special look into the “family” of friends.
       —Donna Sweet


I just finished “Walking with the Shadow of Love”. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. Being an animal lover and having lost a wonderful dog, Darien, I could share Margo’s feelings toward her dogs, Lakota and tlhe Zeakie dog.
Pets bring so much to our lives, unconditional love the best of their gifts. The author tells a very personal tale of her relationships to her pets, the environment and the condition we call life. Her love and caring of both the good and bad aspects of having a pet are thoroughly explored.
If you have ever lost a furry loved one, read this book. It offers a chance of closure to their passing and also opens a door of opportunity to show that life goes on and we can still love them after death.
       —Judith M.



A wonderful captivating true love story of the spiritual bond between human and dog soul mates. I felt so many similar experiences after my beloved 16 year old Golden Retriever passed and have not told anyone because they would probably think I'm just imagining things in my grief. This book is so comforting and has reassured me that she is still with me at all times in spirit and protects me as always. As I read each page I smiled, laughed, cried, and went through all the same emotions the author was experiencing. It brought back all the wonderful love, companionship, happy and sad, desperate and hopeless, devastating and yet hope... Most of all the comfort knowing we will be together again.
Highly recommended and a must read for anyone who has shared a deep love and understanding with an animal.



 Couldn't put it down. What an amazing insight through the spiritual journey of being a pet owner.
       —Katherine V.

The Zeakie Dog, the author, and Lakota, all smiling!



On the rock, Shy and the author,
on the ground, Zeakie and Lakota.
A visit and a kiss from dog friend, Ellie,
 and a cuddle with Lakota is Margo's idea of a great day!
Ellie kiss
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